Your community, your content.

Share valuable information or content directly with your biggest fans on Telegram with restricted access by cryptocurrency payments and create multiple passive income streams while doing so.

What is TeleTreon?

Your content is valuable

TeleTreon is the #1 Telegram Interface that enables community owners to provide exclusive access to their valuable content within a private Telegram community accepting crypto as a form of payment with plans to integrate PayPal, Google Pay, and credit cards as an alternative option as well.

Create a real fanbase on Telegram

Limit the abuse of alternative/spam accounts and keep them out of your quality community. Build a community for your most passionate fans and create a deeper connection with them.

Crypto payments

Receive TTN, BNB, USDT or other Crypto currencies as entry or subscription payout. TeleTreon is a lower cost version compared to Patreon or other traditional subscription based social media platforms with more benefits due the overall functions of Telegram.

The numbers speak for themselves

Million active Telegram users worldwide
Million Patreon users worldwide
Million Crypto users worldwide

Who uses TeleTreon?

TeleTreon can be used by anyone who creates content. Whether you're an Influencer, Musician, Gamer, Writer, Personal Trainer, etc. Everyone is able to achieve financial freedom!



Free Install

It doesn’t cost you anything to use the TeleTreon interface, we only receive a small percentage as soon as you start earning through TeleTreon.

TeleTreon Service Fee 8%

  • Free Telegram interface installation.
  • Receive TTN, BNB, USDT as payout
  • Set Custom Wallet to receive Payments
  • Set Custom Monthly Subscription Plan
  • Set Custom One Time Entry Fee
  • Set Community Name
  • Set Community Category
  • Portal Link
  • Basic Statistics
  • Set Notifications

TTN Token Information

It was never so easy to earn wealth while doing the things you like!

TeleTreon has created a blockchain ecosystem which will not only benefit content creators with their private communities, but also anyone who is participating its ecosystem. By utilizing the blockchain, we provide the possibility to earn passive income for those who own $TTN.

$TTN Ecosystem  usage
  • Earning rewards by simply owning $TTN
  • Earning passive income by parking $TTN in the “Profit Sharing Pool”. This is called Staking.
  • Payments to enter private communities
  • Access to premium functions and statistics
  • Cross border payments


Name: TeleTreon
Ticker: TTN
Total Supply:
Max Wallet: 1%
( TTN)
Max sell: 0.08%
(80.000.000 TTN)
$TTN Binance Smart Chain (Bep-20)

Buy Tax 10% | Sell Tax 10%

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