Safety first (TeleTreon Tips)

When moving around in the crypto world, it is highly possible that you'll be approached by a scammer. These scammers try anything to steal your funds. They can send you a direct messages with:

  • A Marketing offer.
  • A contest you won.
  • Telling you to connect your wallet to a website.
  • Offer fake help.
  • Ask for help for other crypto transactions.
  • Ask for a little bit of funds for transactions.
  • New investment opportunities.

And many more ways to get their hands on your funds.

We’ll explain to you the basics on how to move safely within the Crypto space and avoid scammers.

❌ Only use the official TeleTreon contract to interact with our TTN token. 0x50A9Eb8A53f2C2993F46B354bD5F24F1C880bf24
❌ Never connect your wallet to random websites and Dapps. Some websites contain malicious contracts or viruses which allows hackers to steal your funds.
❌ Do your own research. It’s common for investors with large funds to try and bring the price down in order to get a cheaper price for their investments. They do this by spreading fake news, or selling current holdings in order to scare other investors in hopes they sell. They may also manipulate screenshots, videos, etc. If you ever have doubt about a situation, look into the matter yourself, verify, and make the best decision to secure your funds.
❌ Team will never ask for your secret code/private key/ recovery phrase from your wallet. You’ll lose your funds when sharing this code with an unknown individual. Never share your secret code.
❌ Don’t buy the TeleTreon token [TTN] on the ETH network, BabyTeleTreon, MiniTeleTreon or any other TeleTreon Crypto version. Scammers use names from well-known projects to steal their investors’ money. It may appear that you have found an early investment opportunity but most of these “projects” get abandoned by the team and you lose all your investment funds.
❌ We don’t have airdrops or special promotions other than announced on the official website, chats or social media outlets.  
❌ Always make sure you’re dealing with the official websites, chats and admins.
❌ When receiving a direct message in Telegram, Twitter or any other social media outlet we use, always verify admins and staff. If the admin can’t be verified, it may be a scammer. We encourage to block and report.
❌ Don’t trust anyone or think you are friends with them. Sometimes individuals try to gain your trust through conversations over days, weeks, and sometimes months in order to scam you one day.
❌ No one can be held accountable for any losses made within the DeFi CryptoCurrency industry. Your funds are controlled by you and you only.

Some major important aspects to remember are:

✅ Always verify our official links which can be found on the bottom of this page.
✅ Always save and make a backup of your Secret recovery code. Print the code and lock it away in a safe place where no one is able to see this code.
✅ Always disconnect your wallet from, our staking dapp, TeleTreon Website Dapp, other official websites or decentralized exchanges.
❌ Nothing what is written or posted on official TeleTreon social media outlets, chats or pages is financial advice.
❌ Admins are not financial advisers and can’t be held accountable for any losses.
❌ TeleTreon can not be held accountable for any losses made by it’s native token $TTN. Crypto trading is a Decentralized and free market.
❌ Always verify and double check if you’re interacting with our official Telegram Subscription bot @TeleTreonSubscriptionsBot.
Scammers may try to add a malicious bot to hack your community chat and/or steal your personal and/or your communities funds. They also may try to act as if they sent notifications and wallet verification through TeleGram or Email on behalf of TeleTreon. We’ll never ask for personal or secret data.
❌ Don’t use other type of Subscription bots or look-a-likes. Scammers will try to copy the concept in which they will steal money from users and content creators. It might seem like a better option or company to support, however, this can be very risky for your community or fans. TeleTreon seeks to be a thriving pioneer with many updates, options and innovations being added to ensure the best experience for it’s users.
✅ When entering your custom wallet in your “Private Community Control Panel” to receive Subscription or One Time Entry payments, give this wallet a custom name in your wallet app (Trust Wallet MetaMask etc.). Doing so, will make it easier for you to identify this particular wallet