Frequently asked questions

There are multiple ways to cash out your earnings to your bank account, or you could use Crypto to pay for daily expenses. Here’s a list of providers and companies which allow you to cash out to your bank account and/or use crypto for your daily living.

Bitvavo.com (Europe)
Wirexapp.com (Europe)

When creating a private community with the TeleTreon subscription bot, you are asked to insert your own private wallet addresses. This way, funds are directly deposited into your wallet and reduce pay-out problems. If you don’t have a wallet yet, please check out the tutorial section in order to create and install your own personal wallet.

Crypto Currencies in general are safe to use and it’s quite impossible for someone to hack and steal funds directly out of your wallet, unless you’re interacting or dealing with malicious websites, projects, people or contracts. The volatility of the overall market or project you invested in plays a key role whenever you make profits or lose money. When trading crypto daily, you need to be knowledgeable and understand what you’re doing! However, investing in a project or product because you think the company will do well, is a different way of trading, as you’re investing for long term profits. Crypto is starting to get adopted worldwide, which is a good and positive sign for the crypto industry.

Gas fees are the fees you pay for a transaction on the blockchain. We recommend to always keep $20 worth of BNB, ETH or other network coins in your wallet for future transactions.

Market Cap stands for market capitalization, which is the total value of all coins that have been created within a specific project or company. It’s calculated by multiplying the number of coins in circulation, by the current market price of 1 single coin. for example; TTN has coins, if the price per coin is $0,0055, that would make the TTN Market Cap 550 Million.

When you start to use the TeleTreon subscription bot, the system deploys a custom wallet, which is connected to your Telegram account. This wallet is created by a complex script which only allows you to deposit funds in order to use the system. The system is not meant to do regular transactions.
There may be multiple reasons why you’re not able to buy TTN. The most common reasons may be not having the right slippage (set up to 15%), or not having enough BNB in your wallet to complete the transaction. Go to our tutorial section for more information on how to buy TTN, or reach out to one of our admins within the TeleTreon Telegram chat. If you’re not familiar with Crypto, we encourage you to check out the safety tips page for important information before entering Telegram.

At TeleTreon we seek for the best interest of the company and the ability to expand its services. Expanding a business most often requires funds in order to pay for marketing and generate new ecosystem users. By owning a large quantity of $TTN, TeleTreon has unlimited ways to expand it’s user base, attract new ecosystem users and create large investment opportunities.

$TTN distribution:

  • 10% of $TTN – Locked for 12 months.
  • 10% of $TTN – Locked for 9 months
  • 10% of $TTN – Locked for 6 months
  • 10% of $TTN – Locked for 3 Months
  • 4% of $TTN – Unlocked

TeleTreon will extend a locking period when a locking period has reached its limits.

Highlighted examples:

  • Over The Counter (OTC) investment opportunities, where investors would like to purchase $TTN directly from TeleTreon with a discount in which the funds can be used directly to add liquidity and/or added to the marketing budget.
  • Airdrop Campaigns, where we collaborate with different communities, Influencers, Exchanges, other Platforms and organize Campaigns in which everyday people are able to receive $TTN by completing certain tasks.
  • Company expansion and System Developments

We’ve decided to use USDT for our liquidity pool so the price of TTN isn’t affected heavily by the market or price of BNB. USDT is also well known in the crypto industry as having low fees and providing fast transactions.

Our staking pool doesn’t have a fixed APY in an effort to reduce constant selling of staking rewards. With this strategy, we reduce selling pressure and maintain an attractive staking pool with TTN. The TTN staking rewards are distributed automatically and instantly from the collected subscription and entry fees.

TeleTreon users are not forced to buy TTN to use the subscription bot or system. TTN is an investment opportunity since a portion of the collected subscription and entry fees are used to buy TTN, which will constantly increase it’s value and market cap. This strategy will reward investors who hold and/or stake TTN in the TTN staking pool.

The staking contract receives the reflections users would normally earn. These reflections are distributed amongst to the ones who staked their TTN in the Staking pool.

The system takes 2% from the total amount that you have staked when you unstake your TTN from the staking pool. This will keeps the staking pool much more healthy and prevents people with large amounts of TTN to harvest rewards constantly. This 2% is looped back to the staking pool.

2% of all trading fees are collected and distributed to every TTN holder. You receive rewards by simply holding $TTN.

TTN has a function to enable and disable trading because TeleTreon has an intricate system of muitlple contracts and utilities. It’s important to have many features within the contract for future advancements and safety purposes. We will not use this feature unless investor funds are in serious danger or we are forced to migrate to a new contract due to an expansion of our utilities.

To ensure success, it’s important for us to change the taxes accordingly, in the best interest of the company. For example; when reaching higher market caps, it’s important to have more funds going to Liquidity, rather than Marketing. TeleTreon will never increase trading taxes higher than 11% for buy and sell.

When the bot is removed from a community, all it settings and data will be deleted as well.

It is highly possible that members are joining through a free link from Telegram. When the bot is installed, no free links are allowed and everyone who wants to enter you community has to purchase a subscription.